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If you are a student and you are planning to move abroad so you can continue with your studies we are sure that you are asking yourself is that the best decision that you could make? You will ask yourself a lot of questions: Can I do this? How I can handle this? What should I do I am leaving my friend and family? The answer on all these questions is inside of you. When you have decided to look on the internet for studies abroad your brain told you that you are ready for that step. So don’t be afraid, be excited about all the things that you will see, about a new country, city, neighborhood, friends, everything. We will try to help you to overcome these feelings.

Let’s suppose that you have already found appropriate studies and have already been admitted to the University. These are the steps that you need to take before you leave.


Preparation of documents and budgets for studies abroad are assumed. If you are a student outside EU this process can be a little bit complicated and longer than for students who are the citizens of some EU country. Complications about visa and FT1P moments are very possible but overwhelming. If we skip this part (because without money and student visa you can not even start this adventure) there are some other things that you can prepare before the Internet thanks to the internet.

For example, when searching for an apartment, you can browse the offer on the internet in detail, and then you will be able to visit the flats on the spot and get to know potential roommates or landlords. For a transitional period, you can always rent an apartment over AirBnb.

Print and browse maps to get better on arrival. Through passenger social networks such as  Couchsurfing, you can connect with locals and other students to have a company at least in the first period. Of course, the option that someone you know knows someone who knows someone in the city provides some kind of initial security. But if you prefer to be independent in this segment, go on to yourself to conquer an unknown territory.

Leave your comfort zone

You must have already heard about the step forward in the unknown beginning of a real growing up. The dating process can be very fun, but also strenuous. You found yourself in an unknown city, at an unknown university with unknown people. You suddenly change the environment and you need to adjust your habits with those changes. Making decisions is an important aspect of this process. You become even more aware of the responsibilities you have to organize your time, motivation and some simple everyday choices. You may not be accustomed to cooking, paying bills, or regularly cleaning the room, but now you will have to adjust to the new situation and leave some things to the case. But you will use to it, just don’t be scared of changes.  

Discover the world

The events will be so intensive that you will not know where you are. Obligations at college, meeting with colleagues, local events, you should explore the city and the environment … The world is waiting to discover it! ?

As for new acquaintances, based on students’ experience, you better combine with students who are in the same situation like you, who came to study in that city, but with those who have long been living in that place. Why? Because you are in the same situation, you want to explore as much as you like, from curiosity you go to various events or daily excursions in order to pay more attention to the time you spend there.

Locals will share some common events such as Christmas Eve, Gatherings on the occasion of the beginning of the course/year, or organized events, but will nevertheless decide to spend the weekends with their friends. However, locals will know the city better and with them, you will be able to learn about the culture of the city and the country where you study.

The colorful society has many advantages: personal stories, different mentalities, and all these interests will make you become a sponge for absorbing different views of the world.

Meet yourself

And this may sound like a phrase, but it’s not. Like everything else, you will also see yourself better from another perspective and in some unknown situations. You can find out how much you like long walks in unknown streets or how you like to talk to random passers-by.

The relationship with roommates can also reveal a lot: how tolerant you are, how you handle conflict situations, how to set personal boundaries.

Getting acquainted with yourself is closely related to learning as it will gradually crystallize you so you would like to work in the future and in what you want to improve. This is the period in which there are questions about further steps, where and how to continue, but the answers can also be answered when you return, when you adjust the influence and when you can look at your life from some spatial and temporal distance

There is a lot of places which you can call HOME 🙂

As long as you are nostalgic for your city and country during your stay abroad, you will feel the same way after your return. It’s not that easy to get back to the old, no matter how familiar to us. Have you heard about the so-called post-Erasmus depression that just describes this condition?

In the first period, you feel like a stranger in your own country and in your city. You get used to the current rhythm of life, that for now, a lot of things seem tougher, you want to restore the intensity of the events that you had abroad. However, the nicest part of this process is to see that there is another place in the world that you call home.

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  1. This is soo useful. My daughter is planning to move abroad for her studies and now she is a little bit scared about what she can expect from a new country.

    But definitely, she doesn’t need to be scared because that will be a lifetime experience

  2. As someone who had the similar experience few years ago I can say that I am 80% agree with everything. But definitely the student life is the best period in my entire life. I have never regretted about my decision to move from my origin county

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